Crane Fluid Systems

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The newly formed Mechanical Supplies Division at Sentor Electrical has signed a distribution deal with Crane Fluid Systems, the world’s largest supplier of PICV valves and pumps.

In modern Building Services projects, the desire for energy efficiency is a primary consideration for designers, installers, manufacturers and end users.

HVAC systems present an excellent opportunity for energy savings if the correct products are specified, selected, installed and the use of these products is clearly understood.

For installations incorporating fan coil units or chilled beams, the Crane FS PICV offers an excellent solution for control of water flow rates and therefore comfort control and energy savings when used as part of a variable volume system design.

For the installer, Crane FS offers a range of solutions which are easy to select, install and commission.

Why Choose Crane PICV?

Variable speed pumps allow the flow rate in the system to fluctuate in response to system demand, by responding to information from the BMS system which gathers information from thermostats and pressure sensors.  For a traditional variable volume system to work efficiently, you need:

Differential Pressure Control Valves (DPCVs) – remove fluctuating system pressures.

Flow Regulation Valves – enables system balancing.

Comfort Control using 2 Port Control Valves – react to room thermostats.


Crane PICV combines the functions of the above into a single valve which:

Reduces the number of valves.

Reduces installation time.

Reduces the number of joints/potential leaks.

Simplifies selection.

Simplifies commissioning.


Please do not hesitate to speak with our Mechanical Supplies sales team for further information on products, literature and pricing.