Earthing & Lightning Protection Design & Supply

Sentor Electrical has significant market experience in the design, supply and maintenance of Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems. A highly trained team of experts with over 50 years of experience in design are available to work with you throughout any project however complex. Our expertise ensures you receive the very best cost effective solution for each project, complying with stringent demands to the British Standards using the very best quality products in the world.

Our team of design and sales specialists have attended vigorous technical training programmes by Furse in the UK, assuring you receive the very best support and CAD drawing compliance. Our support extends from initial appraisal and risk assessment, soil resistivity testing, full system CAD design, site support prior to and during installation to final commissioning and guidance on the on-going maintenance of the installation.

This outstanding technical support, is backed by unrivalled stock availability of Furse across all our locations, with daily deliveries offering an unbeatable service.